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Colourful Dot Clear Quartz with rainbows


A medium-sized clear quartz with rainbows from the Colourful Dot. Quartz is known as a master healer, stimulating the immune system and bringing it into balance, and much more.

Sold out!


This clear quartz is full of natural flashes of rainbow and has double terminated points. Sourced as part of a limited collection with the Colourful Dot, who selected this piece from Brazil, measuring approx. 8 by 8cm. Quartz is known as a master healer for its ability to stimulate and balance the immune system, as well as enhancing psychic abilities.


The Colourful Dot

A carefully curated collection available exclusively for Gazelli from crystal expert The Colourful Dot.


Size: About 8 x 8cm

Origin: Brazil

Contains natural rainbow flashes & double terminated points


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