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Colourful Dot Crystalline Amethyst Cluster


A gorgeous Amethyst cluster crystal from our limited and exclusive collection in collaboration with the Colourful Dot.

Sold out!


Amethyst is known as a master healing stone. A profound energy, that brings inner-stillness and protection. A wonderful crystal to use in dream work, meditation and spiritual work. The added pink vibration of Pink Amethyst brings a nurturing and loving energy. There is a primal feminine quality to Pink Amethyst and a strong connection to all things motherly, especially mother earth. A wonderful crystal to connect us to the womb, helping to sooth energies here by letting go of inflamed and unwanted energy. From: Brazil


The Colourful Dot

A carefully curated collection available exclusively for Gazelli from crystal expert The Colourful Dot.


Size: 9 x 6cm
Weighs: 169g


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