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Cosmic Dealer Ayurvedic Botanical Bouche Natural Mouthwash


A natural mouthwash alternative for health gums, holistic oral care and a beautiful fresh breath.

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A Natural Mouthwash Alternative.

Inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic wellness ritual of ‘oil pulling’, Botanical Bouche is an oil-based mouthwash alternative for healthy gums, holistic oral care and beautiful fresh breath.


Cosmic Dealer

The principles of Ayurveda, translated into cool, simple tools and products for the modern day self-care routine.


Formulated  with six high-grade botanical oils from organic cultivation, carefully selected for their cleansing and purifying properties.


Use 2-3 sprays in mouth. Glide over gums using tongue and leave in for the botanicals to infuse. Everyday use. Ayuverdic formula. Alcohol free.


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