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Equi London Original Formula – 30 Day Supply


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Equi is a pioneering approach to supplementation that gives results. Top-quality, comprehensive products that allow busy people to keep up with the pace of modern life without suffering the side effects.

Equi’s Original formula offers a complete and comprehensive approach to wellbeing, in line with our functional medicine philosophy. True wellbeing comes from harmony throughout the body, with good gut health, balanced immunity and hormones, efficient energy production and a sharp mind. Our advanced, unique formula works to deliver essential nutrients to all these critical systems to bring about you look and feel your best. You can see why this is so much more than the average multivitamin!

ASHWANGANDHA – Used traditionally as a tonic to help build resilience during hectic times. Suitable for those feeling the effects of ‘burnout’ or feeling ‘tired-but-wired’ and sleepless.

LACTOSPORE® PROBIOTICS – shown to support digestive health and help with water retention.

VITAMIN B12, B6, MAGNESIUM AND IRON shown to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

MILK THISTLE – studies show that this ancient herb may support liver health, help with toxicity following alcohol consumption.

VITAMIN C, VITAMIN D AND ZINC proven to support the normal function of the immune system.

GOJI AND BILBERRY SUPERBERRIES – rich in polyphenol antioxidants to support the whole body.



Equi's supplements are more than a multivitamin and superior to superfoods, designed to nourish and balance the body.


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