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Gazelli Gift: Pre and Post Natal Massage (60 Mins)


A lovely gift for a new mother or mother-to-be – 60 minutes of bliss in the hands of experts.


Gazelli Pre and Post Natal Massage

A unique treatment that specifically addresses your body’s needs during and after pregnancy, when your system is working overtime to nurture and protect. Treatments are performed as you float on a Hydro-pregnancy pillow filled with warm water, which moulds to the shape of the body, aligning and supporting the spine. Your body remains face up for the entirety of the massage to ensure complete comfort, though the nature of the pillow means that we can still massage your back for complete relaxation. Our 90 minute option includes a facial, too.


+Complete relaxation without needing to reposition your body

+A massage for the whole body, including a gentle oil application to the bump

+A calming sensation of floating

With: Ilona Major, Body Expert

60 Mins £145

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60 Minutes

A 60 minute sensory massage

90 Minutes

A 90 Minute Sensory Massage