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Gazelli Gift: Sound Bowl Massage (60 Mins)


A stunning and unusual gift immersing the receiver in the healing power of  ancient sound and energies.


A modern method rooted in ancient knowledge of the positive effects of sound, singing bowl massage deeply touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration, breaking the tension and mobilising self-healing and creative energies. Singing Bowls are placed on the covered body and, gently sounded, they produce relaxing tones and vibrations that are absorbed by the whole body. Since we are composed of about three-quarters water, sound massage has a physical effect on the entire body, flowing through every cell, muscle, ligament and internal organ, promoting an overall sense of relaxation and realignment.


+Mobilises creative energy and promotes self-healing

+Aligns your unique energy

+Relaxes the whole body

With: Ilona Major, Body Expert

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60 Minutes

A 60 minute sensory massage

90 Minutes

A 90 Minute Sensory Massage