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Intrinsic: A Manifesto to Reignite Our Inner Drive Sharath Jeevan


Leading expert on motivation brings us an inspirational manifesto for reigniting our passion for life and overcoming burnout by tapping into the
essential ingredients of inner drive.

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We are in a motivational mess today.

Many of us feel like we are going through the motions – as workers, managers, spouses and partners, parents and citizens. We feel jaded and unhappy with the organizations we are part of, whether that’s the company we work for or our child’s school. And some of us feel deeply alienated from the wider societies in which we live, particularly in the face of vast social problems – from climate change to our increasingly ‘winner takes all’ world. But life doesn’t need to be this way. Motivation thinking holds the key to this promise.

Intrinsic uses motivation thinking not just to accurately diagnose these problems, but to find solutions. As a leading expert on motivation, Sharath Jeevan helps us see how we can achieve more lasting fulfilment and success in our work, careers, relationships, parenting, and as citizens.

Jeevan applies the concepts of Purpose (how what we do helps others), Autonomy (our ability to positively change things) and Mastery (our sense of continually getting better) to help us see our motivation in these key life areas in a radically new light.

Jeevan takes us on a journey around the world to find practical and inspirational answers to solving our motivational crisis, harnessing ground-breaking research, from psychology and economics to philosophy and behavioural science. Intrinsic shows us how we can fall back in love with our lives, and create the lives we want.


Sharath Jeevan is one of the world’s leading experts on re-igniting our inner drive
(intrinsic motivation). He founded and led STIR Education – arguably the world’s largest
intrinsic motivation initiative. STIR re-ignited the motivation of 200,000 teachers, 35,000
schools and 7 million children in emerging countries. It received over $25 million in
funding from leading foundations including MasterCard, UBS, IKEA and Vitol, and from the
UK and US governments.
Sharath is currently the Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, which supports
organisations all around the world to solve deep motivational challenges, from
governments to leading UK Universities and high-profile corporations. His work has been
Octopus Publishing Group Ltd.
featured in The New York Times, The Economist, NPR, CNN, CNBC, The Hindustan Times
and The Times of India. An accomplished speaker, Sharath has addressed large
audiences at the Royal Festival Hall in London, Lego Ideas Festival in Denmark, TEDX Shiv
Nadar Conference in Delhi and WISE Summit in Qatar, to name just a few.
Sharath holds degrees from Cambridge University, Oxford University and INSEAD. He
was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions to the field and was invited to
serve on the high-level steering group of the Education Commission, the pre-eminent
global think tank founded by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Visit intrinsic-labs.com to find out more about Sharath and his work.