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METASKIN Facial Cupping Set


Two beautiful glass face cups from METASKIN – designed to help support lymphatic drainage, make the skin less puffy and boost circulation for a lifted, glowing complexion.

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These METASKIN face cups instantly de-puff the face, boost blood circulation, and detoxify the deepest layers of the skin. Like a natural facelift, skin is noticeably lifted, glowy, and radiant.




Always prep skin by applying oil before cupping therapy so that the cup can glide smoothly across all areas of treatment, including the face, neck, and/or décolleté.
Use the smaller cup to hone in on specific areas of concern such as nasolabial folds, forehead lines, etc.  Imagine the cup is an eraser and glide it across the problem area in a continuous motion as if you were erasing away the imperfections.
Use the bigger cup to sculpt, contour and de-puff the face (please refer to the instruction guide in the box).
Squeeze the cup in the lower-middle area, apply it to your skin, and release to create a gentle, but firm, suction.
Glide continuously over any areas you wish to treat. Do not leave the cup stationary on your face.
Don’t forget to wash your facial cups after each use with warm water and natural soap. Place on a cloth to air dry.



How many times per week the cupping should be performed to see the best results?
2-3 times a week for the best results
Is there any contraindication to face cupping?
We do not recommend performing face cupping if you have rosacea, severe acne, psoriasis, or any other skin conditions.
Will face cupping leave bruises on my face?
With the right technique and pressure, facial cupping SHOULD NOT cause any bruising.
Will this stretch my skin?
It will not stretch your skin, in contrast, it will help saggy skin regain elasticity and firmness.
Can I do cupping on the areas where I have derma fillers or botox?
We do not recommend cupping directly over any area with fillers, but it is fine to perform cupping around the filler. If you had a botox injection, just wait 2 weeks after the appointment.


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