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Morning Meditations To Focus the Mind and Wake Up Your Energy for the Day Ahead by Danielle North


Boost your clarity, focus and creativity with morning meditation.

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Studies have shown that people who develop a morning meditation practice find it easier to stay focused and energised through the day, are less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks and are more adept at warding off stress and anxiety.

Included in the book are tips on how to develop a practice, essential oils to energise you in the morning, simple breathwork, stretches and focus journaling as well as good morning tea blends.

The meditations included are designed to encourage clarity and energy for the day ahead, with weekend morning meditations to help let go of the past week and explore bigger questions. Mantras are included to help bring awareness to particular words and phrases and set you off on a positive path for the day ahead. There is also focus on intention setting and an introduction to guided visualisations for boosting energy, finding focus and summoning creativity.

Meditations include:

Just for today
Radiant light
Path to the heart
Soaring above
Seeds of intentions
Finding the flow
Through the eye of the telescope


Danielle North is an executive coach, author, speaker and founder of Pause Global, a
transformational retreats and coaching company. Founded in 2012, Pause addresses the
issues of business and lifestyle burnout. The Pause Method is based on Danielle’s bestselling book Pause, plus almost 20 years’ experience of working with leaders and teams
as an executive coach.
The Pause Method helps busy leaders do less better, not with more knowledge but with
more space. By developing mindsets, practices and rituals Pause develops conscious
leaders who align with their highest purpose and values to make a positive impact. The
philosophy of Pause is simple: if you’re going to perform in a world that’s speeding up,
sometimes you need to slow down. Danielle is the author of Pause, Pause Every Day and
Sleep Meditations. Her books have been translated into over 10 languages.