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OVO Things – Birthday Candles


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Blown out with real intention may make a wish come true.

Can touch food directly. Just put it into your cake, only not straight from the oven, let it cool first!

Multicoloured wicks

100% pure beeswax, 100% cotton wick

20 units

5 mm diameter, 125 mm long

Handmade in Lithuania from local farmers’ beeswax

OVO Things candles are natural and non-toxic, they undergo no chemical processing, no artificial color or scent is added.

Candles can be set on any fireproof surface. Take cautions, do not leave unattended!



Guoda, Vida and Justė are the three minds behind the OVO brand. Inspired by the simplicity of classic, perfect items, they slowly design and add timeless elements to their collection, focusing on quality and fine, natural materials.


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