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Wunder Workshop Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar – Golden Shrooms


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Wunder Workshops raw chocolate bars are handcrafted and stoneground at Forever Cacao who sources wild, single-origin Criollo cacao from Peru where it is harvested and fermented by Asháninka tribespeople.

They ethically source their turmeric from small community farms in the heart of Sri Lanka, where the combination of rich fertile soil and warm sunlight promotes the growth of this WUNDER spice and they boost this bar with their Golden Shrooms adaptogen blend.


Wunder Workshop

Founders Zoe and Tom conceptualised the Wunder Workshop brand with a mutual passion for climate, people, storytelling and the power of herbs, spices, mushrooms and medicinal plants.


Ingredients: Cacao solids (55%) (raw Criollo cacao paste, cacao butter), Golden Mylk® blend (coconut milk powder, turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, black pepper), coconut sugar, Golden Shrooms blend (2.4%) (turmeric, cordyceps extract, reishi extract, ginger, cacao, black pepper).


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