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Mauli Rituals Spirited Kapha Infusion


A caffeine-free loose Ayurvedic tea blend from Mauli Rituals designed to balance the Kapha dosha in the body – combating lethargy and fraid emotions.

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A revitalizing ayurvedic blend to balance the Kapha energies governing immunity. Spirited helps bolster inner strength, so you can better combat lethargy, flu-like symptoms and frayed emotions.

Ingredients: Tulsi herb (Holy Basil), Apple bits, Vervain, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Honeybush, Lemon balm leaves, Rooibos, Marigold Blossoms

60g – Comes with an engraved spoon – Fair-Trade – Loose Herbal Tea


Mauli Rituals

Mauli is founded by husband and wife team Anita and Bittu Kaushal. After long careers in consultancy and skincare, a life-changing event drew them back to the healing Ayurvedic traditions at their roots, creating Mauli's eco-luxe anointing collection.


Fill a teaspoon or strainer with Spirited and steep in a cup of boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

Store in a cool, dry place and use within 6 months of opening.


Ingredients : + Tulsi herb (Holy Basil) + Apple bits + Vervain + Cinnamon + Lemongrass + Honeybush + Lemon balm leaves + Rooibos + Marigold Blossoms


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