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The Colourful Malachite & Chrysocolla


A stunning Malachite & Chrysocolla from the Colourful Dot. 

Sold out!


A part polished/part raw beautiful green Malachite with deposits of bright blue Chrysocolla

Malachite is a deep releasing stone. Due to the copper content it has a natural ability to draw things out. It clears to make room for the light. Malachite works well with Snowy Quartz to clear and Rose Quartz to nurture. It is believed in ancient times Malachite was placed in the room during childbirth to help mothers with pain, as the Malachite would draw out the pain from the labour. This is a great stone for people who suffer with fear, anger, power and confidence issues.

Chrysocolla often contains both Malachite and Azurite, giving it that deep green, blue and aqua tone. It has a wonderful grounding quality. It is a stone of strength. Sitting with Chrysocolla in meditation helps us to connect and uncover our inner truth.

Measures about 4.5cm


The Colourful Dot

A carefully curated collection available exclusively for Gazelli from crystal expert The Colourful Dot.


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