What is Gazelli?
It’s a way of life.

“We have everything you might need for mind, body and soul under the roof of our intimate London townhouse. From treatments designed exclusively by our team, to award-winning skincare and body massage, and a collection of visiting practitioners – nutrition, fertility, acupuncture, spirituality, coaching and more – we know you’ll feel confident in the hands of our experts.

Stay a while and visit our curated shop – each brand is hand picked for their excellence in quality and the experience they offer. Browse our library of books each signed by the authors with a little message to its reader. Visit our blog to discover our World of Wellbeing, with lots of valuable content from our wide community of experts and practitioners.

Finally join us to grow, learn and explore new practices and ideas via our selection of online retreats, events and Instagram Lives. We hope you will find solace and solutions with us, wherever you may find yourself.”

JAMILA Gazelli Founder