Soul Consciousness Therapy with Valerija Lifanova

Valerija has an amazing gift. I feel amazing and more connected to myself after a session or using tips that Valerija shared and taught me to apply in my life.

Justine K

Valerija Lifanova

The Soul Consciousness Counselling at its core, is derived from a combination of spiritual psychology and philosophy of wholeness. Humanity is about to take its first collective step into soul consciousness, and Soul Consciousness Counselling addresses where we, as individuals, struggle to awaken to a deeper understanding of how life works. The goal of the Soul Consciousness Counselling is not to make life problem-free, but to give life depth and value by empowering you to start with your own healing, insights and direction. Counselling sessions are based on transformational work, and you will be guided and supported to connect with the deeper aspects of life and to connect with the soul through the following:


Understanding the meaning of your experiences and directing you towards inner growth and deeper self-expansion

Understanding your purpose and expressing that purpose by serving the greater good

The practice of self-observation, presence, mindfulness, and self-acceptance

Empowering yourself through unfolding your true potential

Valerija also offers Soul Transformation Therapy – enquire with us to find out more.

How to Book

To book with Valerija, email for availability. New customers will be entitled to a voucher for £20 to redeem within Gazelli – on treatments, or within our wellbeing shop on or offline.


From 6th July we will be carrying over our treatments to the beautiful Gazelli HQ as we are having a little make-over at our Walton Street House.

Date: From 6th July
Venue: Gazelli HQ, 15 Bury Walk, London, SW3 6QD
Call: 07909 092343

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