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Mama Moon’s Instant Magic Oracle


Whether you want some magic every day, or to dip in just now and again for some clarity, this is the book for you –
from Semra Haksever of Mama Moon

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In these challenging times, the world seems an unpredictable and scary place. However, the answer to all of life’s questions, both big and small, lie within us – your higher self can give you some cosmic insight. Instant Magic Oracle is a fun, magical guide by expert witch Semra Haksever, that will help you to navigate whatever life throws at you.

The way to use the book is simple: take a few deep breaths, run your fingers along the edge of the book while thinking of a question you would like the answer to. When the time feels right, open the book and read the spiritual guidance. You might be encouraged to call a friend, set some intentions in time for the new moon, or the page could contain a spell to cast. Many people love the idea of injecting some magic into their lives but may not have the time. Semra combines her knowledge of witchcraft and spells to make this a one-of-a-kind magical book that can help you to navigate your life, instantly.


Mama Moon

Mama Moon is a mystical collection from witch and founder Semra Haksever. Discover her books to learn how to cast your own spells everyday, or explore her candles and incense to help create rituals and a little magic at home.


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