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Summer ’22 Reading List

| All, Gazelli House, Nutrition, Recipe | No Comments
Everyday Magic by Semra Haksever I love all the books of Semra and I am a crazy fan of her brand in general. But this book in particular always draws me…

Keeping our energy balanced as we head into summer

| Beauty, Expert Library | No Comments
Summer brings many of  us happiness, joy, and motivation. Our focus is on the outside, abundant light, and beautiful plant life - we feel the call from nature, a burst…
Suzy Reading The Healthiest way to sit when working

The Healthiest Way to Sit While Working – An Extract from ‘Sit to Get Fit’

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The healthiest way to sit while working To create an environment that supports our health while sitting at screens, we need to consider the design and layout of our workspace,…

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut Recipe

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It’s that time of year when hints of spring are everywhere and yet we’re not quite there yet. If you try to eat both locally and seasonally, it can be…
Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm Infusion: An Extract from Natural Wellness Every Day

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The following extract is paraphrased from Emine Rushton's new book 'Natural Wellness Every Day' available online or at Gazelli House. The gut microbiome is a massive ecosystem made up of…

How to: Be Good to Your Gut

| All, Nutrition | No Comments
How to: Be Good to Your Gut In recent years, it has become apparent that the human gut is far more complex than we had previously realised, and that its…