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rose quartz bath ritual

Rose Quartz Bathtime Ritual (Extract From The Inner Beauty Bible)

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We’ve all heard at one point or another that we ought to eat plenty of oily fish to benefit our health. If, like us, you’ve been finding nourishing yourself during…

Work & Wellbeing with Laurey Simmons, The Colourful Dot

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An Interview with Laurey Simmons, founder of the Colourful Dot   Meet Laurey from the Colourful Dot.  Laurey is the founder of this beautiful company that sources crystals from all…

Summer Reading Edit

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BOOKS FOR SUMMER WELLNESS Summer reading recommendations often focus on light fiction – but in 2019 Nielsen Book Research found that sales of self-help, popular psychology and health books rose…

Top 10 Skin, Hair & Bath Oils for Wellbeing

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FEATURED IMAGE POPULATES ABOVE Our Favourite Skin, Hair & Bath Oils for Wellbeing We think it’s fair to say that we’re pretty obsessed with oils here at Gazelli. Forget heavy,…

Work & Wellbeing with Justine Masters Skin Expert

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Meet Gazelli Skin Expert, Justine Masters This month we’ve welcomed Justine Masters, a holistic facialist and skin specialist focusing on inflammation, menopause and age rejuvenation, to the team here at…
Gazelli Body Treatments Guide

What Does My Body Need Right Now?

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Summer Body Advice from Gazelli House Experts As we begin to emerge from lockdown, this feels like the perfect time to find ways to let go of accumulated tension, shake…

Work & Wellbeing with Kitty McEntee from Lab Tonica

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Introducing Kitty McEntee This month sees the much anticipated launch of our new tea bar at Gazelli House, South Kensington, created in collaboration with contemporary herbal wellness brand Lab Tonica.…
Apothecary style tea room in a glass conservatory with herbs hanging from the ceiling.

Introducing the Lab Tonica Tea Bar at Gazelli House

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For Gazelli House, we wanted to create a tea bar with a difference. We were drawn to the bright, vibrant teas from Lab Tonica, which combine a knowledge of natural…

How Best to Nurture Mind and Body with Alice Mackintosh

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Balancing the body and mind Nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh is the co-founder of EQUI London, makers of a pioneering range of nutritional supplements developed just for women, as well as…

High Grade Living: Auditing Your Wardrobe (An Extract)

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High Grade Living is the debut book from Arran Russell and Jacqui Lewis, founders of wellbeing space The Broad Place. Covering how to raise vibes through creativity, clarity and mindfulness,…
Suzy Reading Resilience Advice

How to Build Resilience with Suzy Reading

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Suzy Reading: Resilience Chartered psychologist, wellbeing specialist, yoga teacher and personal trainer Suzy Reading is the author of several books that offer self-care strategies to empower us, boost our resilience…

A Reiki Meditation for Connection from Jasmin Harsono

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Connecting with Reiki: A Meditation A great practice to remind ourselves that we are always connected is to take a few moments connecting to the energy of the heart. This…