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Summer ’22 Reading List

By June 10, 2022No Comments

Everyday Magic by Semra Haksever

I love all the books of Semra and I am a crazy fan of her brand in general. But this book in particular always draws me in. It’s a simple, easy to follow go to that literally brings magic into your daily life.

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Morning Meditations by Danielle North

I’ll admit I am new to meditations and I find this book a beautiful addition to my daily go to’s. For both it’s content and illustrations – peaceful and balancing – exactly what I need to face the day.

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Danielle North Meditations Book

Sit to Get Fit by Suzy Reading

I am a huge fan of Suzy Reading, I trust her advice immensely and love everything she has published so far, so when she created this book I knew it would be filled with comprehensive advice backed with research and would help change our posture and often long standing wrongly formed habits.

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The Book of Dream Meanings by Michael Powell

Another great one that sits on my side bed. I am quite superstitious and often read into signs so this book is ideal to understand my dream before I forget it

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Dream Book Gazelli House

The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food by Rachel Kelly with Alice Macintosh

I love this book and have great respect for Alice Macintosh as a nutritionist. I find this book packed with great advice and absolutely delicious imagery. Easy to understand and a book I return to many many times.

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