Fertility & Pregnancy

Our curation of treatments and fertility experts are here to help you at any stage of your journey – whether that’s fertility or pre and post natal pregnancy needs. Our Head of Wellbeing can also consult on a truly bespoke, holistic approach across the collective expertise of our team.

Emma Cannon Fertility Consultation

“Sometimes a consultation will simply reassure you that things are normal and give you some individual advice about how you might improve your general health, diet and improve your fertility awareness. However, sometimes it is much more involved and you may require medical intervention. In each case, I always work collaboratively with a team of experts, the best in their field, who I know and trust. Although my medical colleagues are trained in an entirely different way to me – we have the same aim. To help you achieve healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. When I sit with a client for the first time I have the same focus; to help you become more fertile to conceive a child and improve quality of life.

Here I look at all aspects of health and life, emotions, environment and relationships. My next aim is to re-educate you in the things you can do to help yourself; diet, lifestyle, emotions & outlook.

How can I help you to optimise conception? This might include lifestyle advice, nutritional advice and supporting treatments such as acupuncture or nutritional advice. Lastly; do you need any intervention such as acupuncture or medical intervention. If so who is the best person or clinic for me to refer you to? The aim of the initial consultation is to make a bespoke fertility program to support your medical treatments or a plan to help you conceive naturally.”

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal and Post Natal

We specifically address your body’s needs during and after pregnancy, when your system is working overtime to nurture and protect your little one, but you need a little nurturing yourself. Our treatments are performed as you float on a Hydro-pregnancy pillow filled with warm water, which moulds to the shape of the body, aligning and supporting the spine and helping you to drift away into a calm and restorative state.

60 min £145 | 90 min £185

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From 6th July we will be carrying over our treatments to the beautiful Gazelli HQ as we are having a little make-over at our Walton Street House.

Date: From 6th July
Venue: Gazelli HQ, 15 Bury Walk, London, SW3 6QD
Call: 07909 092343

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