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Gazelli Hypnomind

A simultaneous physical and mental experience that allows you to switch off the chatter of everyday thoughts, inviting the subconscious mind to go on a journey of healing and rejuvenation, let go of anxieties, emotional blocks, and tensions. The massage uses rhythmic flowing techniques and deep pressures choreographed in time with the rhythm of the meditative voice recording, allowing the focus to be on the mental journey, yet soothing muscles to release the physical tensions. Creating a positive flow of energy and space to breathe, leaving you feeling positive, lighter and recharged.

Developed in collaboration with Rachel Coffey, Hypnotherapist, Life coach, and NLP Master

90 min | £185

Gazelli Zen Facial

Designed by our experts for a truly unique experience that combines a soothing, hands-only approach with gut massage and the calming sound of intuitive vocals recorded by our Reiki Master and energy healer, Jasmin Harsono. The face is sculpted and eased with Gua Sha massage and tailored formulations are used for your personal skin needs. This holistic approach helps you to let go of emotional baggage, as well as feeling uplifted and balanced on the outside and the inside.

With Face Expert, Valerija Lifanova

75 min  |  £145


From 6th July we will be carrying over our treatments to the beautiful Gazelli HQ as we are having a little make-over at our Walton Street House.

Date: From 6th July
Venue: Gazelli HQ, 15 Bury Walk, London, SW3 6QD
Call: 07909 092343

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