London menopause skin expert Justine Masters at South Kensington spa Gazelli HOuse

Had the best facial ever with Justine. Not only did I feel so relaxed afterwards but my skin was glowing and plump. There was such a huge difference, before and after. She is very knowledgeable about skincare. I would highly recommend her.

Charlotte, West LondonGazelli Customer

Justine Masters


Justine is a holistic facialist and skin specialist, focussing on inflammation, menopause and age rejuvenation. Believing that good skin starts from within, Justine looks at the Mind-Gut-Skin as a whole and mixes Western technology with Eastern therapies to maximise their potential and bring you the best skin of your life.

Relax the mind through breath, meditation, and reiki; optimise gut health with supplements; and repair and rejuvenate the skin using non-toxic skincare


Brighter, firmer, plumper complexion

Sculpted, smoother skin 

A happier, more balanced gut 

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Bespoke Facial

Bespoke Menopause Facial

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To read more about Justine, visit our Work & Wellbeing with Justine Masters blog article


From 6th July we will be carrying over our treatments to the beautiful Gazelli HQ as we are having a little make-over at our Walton Street House.

Date: From 6th July
Venue: Gazelli HQ, 15 Bury Walk, London, SW3 6QD
Call: 07909 092343

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