South Kensington Acupuncture with Phoebus Tian at Gazelli House, Walton Street

Visited Phoebus for acupuncture and left knowing a lot more about myself and feeling more confident in my healing journey. What he knows is incredible, would highly recommend for anyone who wants to heal and know themselves more

Laurel NicholsonGazelli Customer

Phoebus Tian

A graduate from the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Phoebus Tian has trained in both traditional and modern medical acupuncture. His personalised, patient-focused approach enables him to work closely with each individual, devising and delivering treatments that are gentle and precise.


Through stimulating specific acupoints, acupuncture strives to balance the body’s energy and promote natural self-healing. Dating back more than 2,500 years, the treatment works to give you a healthy, radiant glow an a feeling of emotional and physical balance.


Helps to alleviate stress and anxiety

Reduces chronic pain

Eases symptoms of arthritis

Reduces symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions

Alleviate headaches

Promotes fertility

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