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How to Re-energise for Autumn with Elizabeth Rose

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How to Re-energise for Autumn

How many of us take breaks from our daily routine to look out of the window, step outside, or even to marvel at endearing animal videos or beautiful photographs of flowers and landscapes on social media? And when we do, doesn’t it lift our mood, kill our tension and put a smile on our faces? The natural world is a vital part of our existence, providing not only food and water but also so much beauty and delight. Without nature there would be nothing to sustain or inspire us. So when we take time to mark the changing of the seasons, we are renewing our vital connection with the natural world and showing that we recognise and honour our place within it.

“By celebrating the changing seasons we show our desire to be connected to nature in a way that isn’t just being a consumer of it.”

Why celebrate the seasons?

The seasons are markers that help us to register the passing of time and to live more consciously than if we just drift aimlessly from day to day. Given the frenetic pace of modern life, it seems more important than ever to purposefully contemplate the different cycles we pass through in the course of each year and to pause to give thanks. The act of reinforcing our deep connection to the earth – the congruence of the outside world and our inner selves – at these special times is key to our well-being, allowing us to transcend the realm of consumerist living and leaving us feeling better and more whole.

The joys of autumn

Autumn is a season of outstanding beauty and splendour – filling our senses with a bounty of rich colours and textures. It is a time to give thanks for the fruition of all that we have initiated in spring and enjoyed in summer, a moment to take stock and review the year behind us. Yet in autumn there is also still time for more productivity and preparation before the coming of winter’s quieter and more contemplative period.

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