How to Use Birthstones as Symbols for Mantras, Missions & Memories

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We’ve added some extra sparkle to Gazelli House, London this Christmas with a showcase of birthstone jewellery from award-winning jeweller Catherine Hills. An RCA graduate, Catherine Hills made the jewellery for the Harry Potter films and is known for her birthstone jewellery. We caught up with Catherine Hills take a look beyond the birthstone at how the pieces in which you invest can serve to remind you of personal mantras, missions and memories.


January’s birthstone and a symbol for creativity, purity of love and protection

As well as representing a January birthday, Garnet is also used to celebrate a second anniversary. It can be used to help inspire creativity and creative thinking or as a symbol of love – garnets are used to represent primordial fire so would be especially fitting to symbolise a love that has always been there.


February’s birthstone and a symbol for sobriety, Amethyst is used for its soothing and meditative properties

Amethyst is known as a spiritual stone and is used as a meditative aid. It is believed to bring a sense of calm and balance. Amethyst has a long history of being believed to help prevent drunkenness and overindulgence and was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for this purpose. Amethyst is also February’s birthstone and is used to represent a 6th anniversary.


March’s birthstone and a symbol of purity, truth and trust

Aquamarine has been used for centuries as a good luck token. It’s named after the sea, and is also used to symbolise a journey and inspire heartfelt communication. It’s March’s birthstone and also used to symbolise a 19th anniversary.


April’s birthstone and a symbol for everlasting love, creativity and imagination

As well as being April’s birthstone, diamonds also symbolise a 60th anniversary. Diamonds are associated with winter and thought to be a spiritual stone that stimulates inner vision and inspire ingenuity, imagination and creativity.


May’s birthstone and a symbol of healing, vitality and love

Emeralds represent nature and are a symbol of hope for the future, growth and renewal. Emeralds get called the “Stone of Successful Love” and as well as being May’s birthstone they are also used to mark a 55th anniversary.


June’s birthstone and a symbol of joy, imagination willpower

Alexandrite is a remarkable stone that looks teal by the day and red in the evening. Alexandrite is believed to help you find joy in every day life, to accept change and to bring a feeling of calm. Alexandrite is also the birthstone for June.


July’s birthstone and a symbol of love, passion and purity

Rubies are seen as a symbol of the sun and are believed to stimulate the Base Chakra which increases vitality. Rubies have a long association with love and are thought to increase desire. Rubies are July’s birthstone and symbolise a 40 year wedding anniversary.


August’s birthstone and a symbol of wellbeing, awareness and growth

Peridot is one of only two gems formed by the molten rock of the upper mantle (diamonds are the other). Peridot is associated with the sun and is believed to aid forgiveness and increase confidence. August’s birthstone Peridot is also used as a talisman for abundance in all areas for life.


September’s birthstone is a symbol of wisdom, royalty and faith

Sapphire has a long association with wisdom and learning. It’s also thought to help heal the mind and bring strength and focus. Sapphire is September’s birthstone and also represents a 45th anniversary.


October’s birthstone is a symbol of protection, healing and compassion

Tourmalines are believed to be healing and are called a ‘receptive stone’ which means they are soothing, calming and help promote inner wisdom, meditation and spirituality.  October’s birthstone Tourmaline is also through to be purifying and helpful in removing metal barriers.


November’s birthstone and a symbol of peace, calm and truth

Topaz is believed to help inspire creativity and improve communication. It’s also through to promote truth and forgiveness. Topaz is November’s birthstone and is also meant to help attract helpful people and new friends.


December’s birthstone and are a symbol of transformation, healing and intuition

Tanzanite is often known for being self-awakening and is through to help facilitate higher consciousness, intuition and perception.  Some believe that Tanzanite can help you achieve your full potential and true purpose. Tanzanite is also December’s birthstone.

You can find Catherine Hills’ birthstone jewellery in our South Kensington wellbeing bouquet and online here.

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