How to Peri-Well with Rebekah Brown of MPowder

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How to Approach Perimenopause


From Monday 12 October we are holding our ‘Festival of Super Power – Before, During and After Menopause’, a week-long programme in honour of World Menopause Day on 18 October. Each evening at 6pm will see us hosting a different event, each one selected to help empower you to reframe this vital phase of your life – whether you are approaching menopause, in the middle of it or coming out of the other side.

As well as a vibrant community of experts, practitioners and wellbeing entrepreneurs, we are working with MPowder, specialists in plant-based supplements created specifically for different phases of the menopause cycle. ‘The Perimenopause – the 12 months after your last bleed – is for many women a rollercoaster ride when hormones fluctuate the most,’ says company founder Rebekah Brown. ‘But there’s a lot you can do pre-emptively to make that ride one you actually want to take.’

Here are Rebekah’s top tips on how to Peri-Well:

Support your adrenal glands

As our hormonal levels drop in our ovaries, our adrenal glands take over production as well as continuing to provide testosterone and adrenalin. In short, they have a lot to do, and the more we can support them, the better. Managing stress levels through self-care and meditation is a great help. And there are also several plant-based compounds you can turn to if you are struggling – though it’s best to work with a professional consultant to establish dosage. Nature packs a powerful punch!

Balance your blood sugar

What we put into our bodies has a significant impact on how we feel. Swap industrially processed carbs for complex carbs and up your intake of protein and healthy fats. The best place to start is breakfast – for instance, try avocado and smoked salmon or poached egg on sourdough. It’s really that easy!

Listen to your body and move with your cycle

Understanding the power of your menstrual cycle can be invaluable – in fact, it’s a super power! Did you know that where you are in your cycle will impact on your stamina and your ability to stretch and build muscle? Learn about what’s happening inside your body at different times of the month – and pass this knowledge on to a younger woman. They’ll thank you for it!

Write a new script

How you see yourself is scientifically proven to impact on how well you age, so surround yourself with inspiring women who use menopause as a super power rather than a stigma.

Give yourself a starring role

Push yourself up the priority list. Chinese women call the menopause the ‘Second Spring’, and you should make this second spring a springboard of opportunity. What you do next is going to be phenomenal!

Our ‘Festival of Super Power – Before, During and After Menopause’ runs from Monday 12 October to Sunday 18 October. You can find details and book tickets here. With all proceeds donated to the Wellbeing of Women charity, your ticket gives you access to as many events as you like as well as entry to a prize draw for a hamper of wonderful wellbeing products worth over £500. We look forward to seeing you!

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