The Joy of Seasonal Lunar Living with Merilyn Keskula-Drummond

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Meet Merilyn Keskula-Drummond

We’re welcoming Merilyn Keskula-Drummond, founder of Mylky Moon Lab, to Gazelli House on Thursday 9 April at 6pm for a Spring Moon 101 workshop to help us awaken and blossom with the arrival of spring. During the session you’ll discover the magic of cyclical living, learning “how to allow your inner authority to take the driving seat and let the cycles within and around guide you to the path of fulfilment”, explains Merilyn. We asked her to tell us more:

Most of us know what it means to experience seasons. We recognise the solitude and silence of the winter months when we crave warmth and cosiness. And the joy of summer when our lives bloom and the energy of the sunlight charges our cells – the time of receiving as well as giving energy.

The wisdom of seasons is one the most tangible ways we learn about the patterns in life – the constant cyclical change within and around us. Although we might often take it for granted, we are so blessed to have this visceral experience of growth and decay, impermanence and surrender, rebirth and death here in the Northern hemisphere. This is our school of life.

Magic of Seasons

One season is not better or worse than the other, although of course, at times we might have personal preferences… However, when we learn to extract the medicine and beauty from each phase in the annual wheel, we open ourselves up to a new and expanded sense of beauty, connection and belonging. The seasonal wheel or the Wheel of the Year is a map and guidebook for our lives, as relevant today as in times past when understanding the cyclical patterns was integral for the livelihood and sustenance of our forebears. The cycles within and around us were the basis for understanding and sharing the collective experience.

Living our modern lifestyles – blessed with supermarkets, electricity, heating and Netflix – we are often eager to fight the “darkness” and keep going in a linear way in a world that is innately cyclical, thereby disconnecting ourselves from our own wisdom and the deep, rich connection with each other and everything around us. The feeling of being lost and confused is just the consequence of having temporarily “lost” the map that is here to guide our daily lives. In fact, we belong to a great web of individual and collective “calendars” and “blueprints” that teach us so much about our own experience as well as the life that happens around us.

So how do we start? Let’s look at the seasons again…

Winter is the time of slowness and intention. We keep ourselves sustained by the fruits harvested in autumn and tend the slow-burning fire, gathering strength for spring. After the time of rest, reflection and purification of the winter months, when we are invited to roam our inner landscapes and use the time of darkness to dive deeper into our soul work, we wait for the energy of the sun to awaken us.

Spring has always been a welcome sight. It’s the time of freshness. We embrace the light by breaking the old protective shell and emerge like newborn chicks – curious and playful. Spring returns our attention to outward action and the manifestation of our dreams. This is when we start to bring our creations to light and present our carefully nurtured dreams to the world around us.

Lunar Medicine

My method of cyclical living is based on the fact that we have many layers of cycles that reflect and mirror the seasons and guide our life on a daily basis. Did you know that we don’t have to wait for the spring to work with the energy of freshness that moves us from inner work to outer expression? We can use the medicine of spring every month by aligning with moon phases and / or the menstrual cycle or moon time! The seasons are reflected in all the cycles within and around us and “compressed” into a monthly pattern that is as powerful and tangible as the spring we meet after the long winter.

The Spring Moon 101 workshop opens a portal to learn more about how different layers of cycles reflect each other and how to use the gifts of spring in your life – monthly and annually. Exploring the cycles has transformed my own existence in such a profound way as well as opened a completely new way of looking at life for everyone I’ve worked with.

Happy Spring!

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