An Easy Self-Massage to Support The Lungs

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Self-Massage to Support Lungs

The new normal is proving to be quite overwhelming for many of us, so now more than ever it’s essential to put aside a bit of time, each and every day, to nurture yourself. Gazelli Body Expert Ilona Major feels that caring for yourself should be as natural as brushing your teeth. Research shows that the best way to adopt a new habit is to bolt it on to something you do already – so why not try this easy self-massage this evening, after you’ve brushed your teeth, or as you make your morning cup of tea or coffee. 

This simple self-massage is based on a Japanese technique called ‘Do-in’. Do-in uses self-massage to help harmonise our energy circulation through a combination of movement, breathing, stretching and self-massage. The practice of Do-in is believed to help build resilience, to reduce stress and frustration and to promote improved concentration and rest. It might sound complicated, but this simple routine, created by Ilona, really does work for all ages.

This routine focuses on strengthening the lungs, which in turn increases our energy levels and replenishes our soul and vitality. Let’s give it a go… 


  • Start with your left lung. Put your right hand on your left side above your breast, breathe slowly and follow your body’s dilation and retraction. Then tap the left side of the chest gently with your hand in a relaxed fist. Tap the whole of the left side of your torso, paying particular attention to the sternum, ribs and collarbone.
  • Then relax and enjoy the lovely warmth and vitality that flows through your chest.

Lung Meridian

  • Continue tapping with a relaxed fist along your left arm, following the line of your shoulder to your inner wrist, beside your thumb. This is your lung meridian, which in Chinese medicine controls breath and energy.
  • When you reach your lower arm, increase the intensity of the tapping. You’ll feel the tension in your muscles loosen and the energy start to flow more freely. This movement is believed to increase energy to the lungs, which in turn is thought to reduce coughing and soreness in the throat.


  • Next find your ‘Great Abyss’ acupressure point – it’s located on the thumb side of your wrist crease (shown by a little circle on the picture). Treating the Great Abyss point can help lessen the symptoms of colds and coughs and aid breathing. At first just gently feel the point, then exhale and slowly increase the pressure.
  • Relax the shoulders and breathe calmly. Imagine that with every exhalation this area gets more relaxed.

The End of The Meridian

  • Hold the base of the thumb and give it a loving squeeze, rub it and massage it. As you’re massaging, take a moment to think about the joints in your hand. Stimulating these points in the thumb is thought to help impart a more positive attitude and sense of acceptance.
  • Observe the condition of the small joints and loosen any tensed parts. Finish by pressing the two edges of the nail bed together while you take three deep breaths.


Next, rub the bony part of your nose for around 30 seconds. Notice the change in air flow. Breathe through your nose and notice how the flow should become easier and more relaxed

Lung Exercise


  • Finally, stand up, place your fingers behind your back, facing upwards. Interlock your thumbs, join your index fingers to make a triangle and curl the rest of your fingers into your palm.
  • Bend forward at your hips and exhale, lifting your arms.
  • Take five slow deep breaths and with each one consciously extend your arms and shoulders a little more.
  • Take a rest and then repeat with your thumbs interlocked the other way up.

We hope you enjoyed this sequence. At the end you should feel a renewed sense of energy and harmony as all of the physical and mental functions of the lungs have been activated.

Adding a simple meditation to each day is also a great way to restore a sense of calm and balance. Take a look at this simple Reiki meditation created by Gazelli Reiki Master Jasmin Harsono for inspiration.

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