A Self Massage to Help Us Create Peace of Mind

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For many of us these are anxious times – our way of life is disrupted, friends and family are out of reach and old certainties are overturned. So more than ever, it’s worth devoting a little time each day to creating a sense of inner peace and quiet. If we are balanced, calm and determined, it will propel us to accomplish the tasks we face and support us in overcoming our feelings of helplessness. It’s also true that to achieve a balance with those around us, we must first create it within ourselves – in this case, through finding an intimate silence and displaying a loving attention to our feelings.

We hope this simple self-massage, created by Ilona, will be 15 or 20 minutes well spent. The focus is on the areas of the body that hold tension and stress, so that by treating them you can restore the balance within your energy system and attain a sense of inner calm to help you through the times ahead. Ready? Let’s give it a go…

Turn Your Attention Inwards

Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes of solitude and undisturbed silence. Sit comfortably, rub your palms together to warm them up, and then use them to cover your face. 

Lay your hands on your face, with the centre of your palms over your eyes. Enjoy the total darkness and the warmth of your hands.

Kidney Touch

According to traditional eastern medicine, the kidneys are associated with our responses to fear and stress and thus play an important role in achieving inner peace. So first, place your hands on your back, just above your waist, to warm up the area around the kidneys.

Breathe comfortably and calmly. Pay attention to your touch and be conscious of it. This attention will free up your dormant resources.


Stretch the muscles and joints along the kidney meridian so that energy can flow freely. Lean over your outstretched legs and bring your chest and forehead as close as possible to your knees.

Relax in this position. Stay this way for at least a minute, breathing comfortably throughout. If the back of your foot feels very tense, then raise your knees slightly.

The Gushing Spring

(NB Do not do this if you are pregnant.) Under the sole of your foot, in line with your second toe, look for the most important point of the kidney meridian, the Gushing Spring. Touch it with your thumb, slowly deepening the pressure, for a long time.

Notice as the tissue beneath your thumb loosens slightly with each exhalation, letting you in further and further. This persistent pressure boosts our sense of tranquillity and brings the promise of a restful sleep. Treat your other foot in the same way.

The Hundred Meetings

This point is located on the centre line of the crown, at the midpoint between front and back. This is the highest point of your body. Apply slowly increasing pressure with your fingertips to strengthen your awareness and make you feel more balanced.

Tanden Point / Hara

The abdominal organs are closely linked to spiritual tranquillity and a sense of harmony – it is no surprise that this is the centre of our energy system, the Sea of Energy. So now rest two fingers just below your navel, deep within the abdomen.

By treating this point, you directly support the wellbeing of your abdominal organs, which has a beneficial effect on your entire energy system. So in sync with your inhalations, slowly deepen the pressure and hold it for a longer time.


Tap the sternum with your fingertips. Move up and down around this area using vigorous wrist movements. Tap hard enough for the impulses to deepen into your chest and even send vibrations to your back – though not so strongly as to be uncomfortable. Focus on the central area for a long time to relieve the tension in the heart. Then place your palms on your chest and soothe your heart with a lengthy, supportive touch.


Breathing is our constant source of energy, with every breath we take renewing and recharging us. Be mindful about this.

So take a deep breath of vital cosmic energy, filling your lungs completely, then stretch out your arms with pleasure. Help yourself to experience the beauty of the movement with an inner smile.


The acupuncture points on the inside of the wrist can relieve mental tension and soothe our emotions. Hug and massage this area using both hands, paying attention to the sensations.

Release the Jaw

Within the face, it is the joint and muscles around the jaw that tend to hold most tension.

So softly, with love, raise your hands to your jaw muscles and relax as you touch them for a minute or two. The release of tension here will help to achieve a sense of tranquillity through our entire being.

We hope this sequence helped you to feel calmer through releasing some of the tension held within your energy system. Another way of restoring a sense of balance and inner calm is through a daily meditation – for inspiration, take a look at this simple Reiki meditation created by Gazelli Reiki Master Jasmin Harsono.

You might also like to look at Ilona’s massage sequence to support the lungs here.

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