A Mantra for Our Times – and How to Use It

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Mantras & Meditation

At a time when we are besieged by conflicting information and different interpretations of what is unfolding around us, it is more important than ever to maintain our inner strength, connect with our life force and energy and remain in touch with our essential selves. Repeating a mantra – whether by saying it in our heads or chanting it out loud – is a powerful way to help us to do this by clearing our heads of extraneous thoughts and emotions, de-stressing our minds and bodies and reaffirming our intentions for the day ahead.

Here at Gazelli House, we are aware that now, more than ever, we all need to look after ourselves – so we asked Jasmin Harsono, our resident Reiki master and author of Self Reiki, to share a favourite mantra and talk us through the most effective way of using it to empower us in these troubled times.

‘I am the way. I am the light. I am the way.’

This is the mantra I have chosen as particularly appropriate for this moment in our lives.

The simple words ‘I am’ in fact constitute a powerful mantra in their own right. Used as part of this affirmation, they ground us in our bodies and bring us into a space of stillness in which we can feel at one with the universe.

The mantra starts and ends with the words ‘I am the way’. This acts as a reminder that nothing and nobody is perfect – we are enough as we are, right at this moment. So be in the present, within the flow of life unfolding, and stay true to your own way and path.

The words ‘I am the light’ remind us that beneath the layers of anger, worry and fear that can threaten to swamp us lies our natural life force and energy. So we can use this affirmation to return or hold true to our own essential light.


I’m now going to talk you through a ten-minute meditation using the mantra.

First, sit in a comfortable pose with a tall spine. Rest your palms face down on your lap. Be mindful of your body and let go of any tension held within it. Soften your jawline, shoulders and belly.

Gently close your eyes or lower your gaze and take three deep, soft breaths into your belly, diaphragm, chest and lungs. Inhale calm through your nose. Exhale peace out of your open mouth.

Return your breath to its natural rhythm and flow. Take time to sense your breath and the life force of  your energy moving around your body and supporting you.

Now introduce the affirmation for five minutes, repeating it either out loud or in your head: ‘I am the way. I am the light. I am the way.’ If you find that your mind starts to wander, return to an awareness of your breath and then refocus on the affirmation.

After the five minutes is up, release the affirmation and spend a few minutes focusing on your breath.

You may find that you start to judge your thoughts and feelings – that is entirely normal, and you should return in your own time to an awareness of your breath.

As your meditation comes to a close, take a grounding breath. Inhale calm through your nose. Exhale peace out of your open mouth.

Notice how you felt both pre- and post-meditation. Journal any thoughts, feelings or messages that arise. (I use my beautiful Rama Publishing green notepad for this.)

During lockdown, we are more concerned than ever to protect the health and welfare of all the members of our wonderful Gazelli House community. So to help you through these difficult days and keep us all connected, we have put together a weekly menu of online events. We really hope you will join us – you can find out more about what is on offer here.

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