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Walking in the Morning Dew, with Ilona Major

By February 14, 2022September 5th, 2022No Comments
Morning Dew Grassy

Morning Dew Therapy

Walking in the dewy grass has a blessed and wonderfully healing effect. Its refreshing power outweighs the effects of walking barefoot or walking in water and has an extremely high stress-relieving effect and improves the overall health.

The bare feet touching the earth is a great way to get grounded and reconnect. The negative ions in the grass and water work to clear meridian channels. This excellent effect can only be achieved by walking on dewy grass though, and not rain soaked grass. The two are different: Dewdrops are precipitation of air and electricity from plants. With raindrops this electricity is not experienced. 

It’s very beneficial during times of extremely high tension, it can help relieve the temporary congestion of blood in certain organs or areas of the body caused by inflammatory or dilation of the blood vessels, arteriosclerosis, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus. Congestion is also common in women during menopause. 

So, if you can, walk barefoot in the dewy grass in the morning! 

How to:

At the beginning try 5-minutes and slowly increase the time to 10-minutes.

It is important to slowly increase the time to avoid too strong a reaction.

Take a deep breath in and slow long exhale, with every inhalation allow the earth to rejuvenate your body and soul, with every exhalation release any tension, stress, worries, negativity. Be present, feel the connection with Mother Earth.  Let the energy flow through the energy centre of your foot. Remember this rejuvenating feeling through out the day.

Happy walking in the morning dew!

Words by our body expert, Ilona Major

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