What Does My Body Need Right Now?

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Gazelli Body Treatments Guide

Summer Body Advice from Gazelli House Experts

As we begin to emerge from lockdown, this feels like the perfect time to find ways to let go of accumulated tension, shake off stagnant energy and be kind to ourselves. Spring – the season of hope – is finally here: the cherry trees of South Kensington have shed their blossom confetti and are now getting ready to fruit while scented lilac and swathes of wisteria line the streets, bringing a promise of brighter days to come. There’s a sense of renewed freedom in the air and we feel grateful to have been able to open the doors of Gazelli House, our wellbeing space in South Kensington, to welcome clients back to the space we hope you feel is your home from home. To celebrate, we caught up with Alex, our head of wellbeing, to talk out about our most popular body treatments – and for top tips on how we can all take your body care to the next level at home.

What does my body need right now?


Try our Sensory Massage

Designed for the ultimate relaxation of all your senses, our Sensory Massage is a smooth-flowing hands-on massage with soothing aromas to help tensions melt away.

At Home

Olverum Bath Oil

Body Expert Alex recommends taking time out to create a beautiful experience in the sanctuary of your bathroom. Dim the lights, light a candle, run a bath that’s just the right temperature and have something soft, warm and comfortable to slip into afterwards. Alex suggests creating a cocktail for your bath with a combination of salts and Olverum Bath Oil – a new discovery for Gazelli. The team here have tried and tested many bath oils and feel there is something amazingly special about Olverum. You only need add a small amount (Alex suggests about 5ml per bath), then simply lie back and enjoy this blend of natural plant extracts chosen for their therapeutic properties to create a meditative and uplifting experience.

Kalmar I Am Loved Body Cream

Alex recommends following your Olverum bath with a soothing application of Kalmar’s I Am Loved Body Cream on skin that has been gently towel-dried. This is a deeply nourishing blend, enriched with ruby gemstone, velvet bean and apricot oil, with a scent that’s been designed to put you in the mood for self-love with notes of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose and vanilla.

What does my body need right now?


Try our Therapeutic Massage

Utilising targeted NASA technologies – infrared and ultrasound – our Therapeutic Massage has been designed to help you reset and recover, loosening deep muscle aches and relieving pain and tension.

At Home

Olverum Body Polish

This Body Polish is highly rated by Alex and our team. ‘It’s amazing, just amazing,’ says Alex. It has a wonderfully light but rich soufflé texture and uses papaya enzymes to dissolve dead skin naturally while mechanical exfoliants bamboo and pumice polish the skin. The smell is incredible and the purifying hydro clay helps cleanse the skin.

Gazelli Illuminating Skin Polish

Alex appreciates she may be biased, but she has not come across a better facial exfoliator than Gazelli Illuminating Skin Polish. It’s a powerhouse of glycholic and lactic acid plus rice bran acid. Its ground rice particles are shaped like tiny rugby balls so they gently tumble away dead skin cells without scratching the surface. The result is a glowing and radiant complexion.

What does my body need right now?


Try our Sound Massage

A modern treatment with ancient roots. Gazelli Body Expert Ilona is highly trained in this deeply powerful and regenerative treatment which uses sound vibrations to gently break down tension and help promote self-healing.

At Home

Anala Evening Oil

A rich and powerful body oil developed using the principles of Ayurveda. Blended to be detoxifying, anti-ageing, calming and healing, just a few drops of this potent, luxurious oil go a long way. It combines sensual jasmine oil with Ayurvedic neroli oil to relax the mind, French lavender to calm tension and mandarin oil to ease insomnia and exhaustion.

Lab Tonica Unplugged Tea

Think of these as little sleeping bags of tea, blended by herbalist Kitty from Lab Tonica to help you switch off and drift off with chamomile, hawthorn, passion flower, mango, linden blossom, lavender and rose.

What does my body need right now?


Try our Anti-Cellulite Massage

A firming and toning treatment designed to help banish cellulite, our Anti-Cellulite Massage helps boost circulation and smooth skin tone. What’s more, it’s followed by a full-body coffee scrub and seaweed massage for incredible results.

At Home

Hayo’u’s Beauty Restorer Jade Comb

Body combing has been used as a Chinese self-healing treatment for centuries. It’s a powerful way to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage and it’s particularly effective at targeting cellulite and water retention as well as soothing the scalp. Follow the lines of the body in an upward motion, paying particular attention to the thighs, stomach, arms and shoulders.

Joy Energise Body Lotion

It’s fair to say that Alex is obsessed with Kalmar’s Joy Energise Body Lotion. Its light texture makes it the perfect morning lotion, but you can really feel the benefits. Alex describes using this lotion as a sensory experience and its zesty notes of bergamot and clementine are perfect for this time of year.


Something that fits you perfectly

Our Body Experts can also create a bespoke massage that’s uniquely tailored to suit the needs of you and your body.

At Home

Olverum The Dry Body Oil

This unique product is a therapeutic dry oil mist with thirty different essential cold-pressed botanical oils. It leaves the skin feeling nourished and has a beautiful, delicate scent.

LA-EVA Jasmina Oil

This lightweight oil serum is multi-purpose, used not only to nourish the skin of the face and body but also to help dry hair and nails. It has a base of argan, almond and safflower mixed with regenerating rosehip and a luxurious combination of essential oils including balancing jasmine flower and purifying thyme. This oil has a beautiful texture for a Gua Sha facial massage.

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